New Environmental Strategy in Mosfellsbær Municipality with reference to SDGs

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Renewal of Mosfellsbær's environmental strategy, with special regard for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and emphasis on local democracy

SDGs related to the project

Project description

Special emphasis was placed on preparing the strategy in an open and democratic way. Open resident meetings were held, both at the beginning when work on the strategy was at the concept stage, and at the end, when the draft strategy was available. At the latter meeting the opinions of residents were sought specifically and other stakeholders specifically invited to attend. Comments were processed with the help of consultants and experts. Work on the environmental policy spanned two terms of office of the local government, to ensure a better consensus on the project. Information about the work on the environmental strategy was made available on the Mosfellsbær website, including information about the consultation meetings that were held. It was decided to have the Sustainable Development Goals as a basis for the revision and they are defined in each section separately, along with additional material. The environmental strategy was selected as a model example of how medium-sized towns can look to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals when working on strategic planning in a democratic and open way in the brochure "Global Goals for Local Priorities” of the Nordic spatial planning institute Nordregio.

Objectives of the project

The goal of creating the environmental strategy was to: • present an ambitious strategy that would also be realistic for a municipality of this size; • find a suitable adaptation through which a municipality could make use of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and take them into consideration in planning; • set out a strategy that would be simple and accessible to residents; • develop a strategy in co-operation and harmony with residents.

When is the target expected to be achieved?

Mosfellsbær's environmental strategy is valid until 2030, but will be subject to ongoing review as necessary.

Measurement of performance

The town will establish an implementation plan as a follow-up to the strategy, which will set out timed and measurable targets.

Project progress

1 February 2021

Mosfellsbær is progressing well in following its environmental strategy. The strategy is taken into account in the work of the Environmental Committee and other related committees, and the employees in the environmental department use it as a guideline in their work. Special attention is drawn to it on the municipality's website. 

The Environmental Committee of Mosfellsbær is now considering the preparation of a specific implementation plan following the environmental strategy. Although the environmental strategy lists specific projects and paths to projects, there are no fixed project schedules, but instead the strategy will be in effect until the year 2030. No decision has been made yet, but the matter is under review. 

The drafting of a special climate policy for the municipality is also being considered. Work is underway in co-operation with the National Association of Local Authorities and the Association of Local Authorities in the Capital Area to co-ordinate efforts on this issue. 

In the current review of the master plan for Mosfellsbær the environmental strategy and Sustainable Development Goals will be given special consideration. 

Project status


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