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The UN Sustainable Development Goals are part of Reykjanesbær's new strategy, which was approved by the town council in the autumn of 2019.

SDGs related to the project

Project description

Reykjanesbær's overall strategy, which has the title “With the Strength of Diversity", has linked 12 SDGs to its strategic priorities. The SDGs, together with the strategy, are intended to lay the path for the municipality’s future vision and influence the work plans and project selection of employees until the year 2030. The strategy has been given the title "With the Strength of Diversity", which is a reference to the importance of mobilising the diverse human resources that make up a rapidly expanding community. The strategy consists of a vision, six strategic priorities and three values. The SDGs are then linked to each priority, which are: children are most important; well-being of the population; an ecological society; variety in employment; the power of diversity and efficient services. Since its adoption by the town council, work has been done on presenting the new strategy and the SDGs to the employees of Reykjanesbær. Formal implementation of the strategy started at the beginning of 2020. Work plans for the year 2020 were expected to take into account the new strategy and the SDGs.

Objectives of the project

The goal of the new strategy was to set a clear vision for the municipality as a whole, taking the UN Sustainable Development Goals into consideration. The previous strategy was nearing its end and there was a need to co-ordinate efforts and set a new goal and strategy for the coming years.

When is the target expected to be achieved?

Like the SDGs, Reykjanesbær's strategy applies until the year 2030. Until that time, it will important to keep the strategy and the SDGs in the forefront, to ensure that they are taken into account in all the municipality's activities. Work will be done on smaller milestones and larger projects related to the strategic priorities for two-year periods at a time. The first major projects should be completed by the end of 2021, after which new targets and projects will take over.

Measurement of performance

Larger targets have a two-year benchmark, but work is also carried out for shorter periods, for instance, in smaller projects that are defined in work plans.


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