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Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre, along with partners and sponsors

A platform for social innovation and entrepreneurship where the main focus is on improving society based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

SDGs related to the project

Project description

Startup Social is an 8-week social accelerator that supports energetic teams working on social solutions and entrepreneurship based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These can be solutions related to healthcare and well-being, an improved education system, renewable energy, transportation and eliminating food waste, for example. Participants get access to education and training from domestic and foreign experts in social issues and innovation and meet with a number of mentors from the business world.

Objectives of the project

One of the main goals of the project is to create a platform where individuals, non-profit organisations and businesses can work systematically to connect their own ideas and projects with the SDGs. The participants thus get the opportunity to integrate the SDGs into their own projects, from the moment an idea is born until the activity begins to flourish.

When is the target expected to be achieved?

When all new activities and innovations put people and the environment as first priority and use the Sustainable Development Goals as a measure of their success.

Measurement of performance

One of the sponsors of Clever Solutions, Deloitte, will be responsible for analysing the economic and social benefits of its projects.

Project progress

1 February 2021 

The first accelerator session took place in the autumn of 2018 and since then 15 start-ups have gone through the accelerator. This year 8 start-ups are joining the group.  

We want to promote innovation that tackles contemporary challenges and thus be an important platform for social start-ups. We want to promote sustainability in innovation and build start-ups that directly support one or more of the UN SDGs from the very beginning.  

Project status


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